Thursday, March 30, 2017

Parable and Conscience Meditation March 30

Glorious Cross  March 30

Hail, glorious crown!  Most beautiful than jewels or gold, surpassing the crowns which are the stars! (Proper liturgy of the Crosiers, Friday before Lent).

To receive a crown is to be designated the center of power for the well-being of the kingdom.  The jeweled crown is symbolic of the importance of the monarch, the extent of royal power and the vastness of resources for the royal task.  Jesus’ crown of thorns wanted to manifest himself as Savior of the world.  The crown of thorns on his head was the best proclamation of his rank and the efficacious means for his mission.  In allowing the thorns to be placed on his head, Jesus accepted his central place in the midst of all humanity, which lives with the insupportable sting of the consequences of sin.  Innocent brother to sinners, he identified one hundred percent with them, letting fall on his own head their sins.  The love of Jesus that supports this stinging pain lightens it for the time being and finally makes it disappear.  His true power is shown by the fact that all the thorns of life are transformed into engines of this final liberation.  By taking on the crown of thorns as participation in the Passion of Jesus, the people of the Kingdom end up wearing the Crown of jewels.

They will see you as a chief if your words and actions are those of a worker.  (Mongo)

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