Thursday, March 2, 2017

Parable and Conscience Meditation March 2

Glorious Cross  March 2

In making our profession among our brothers and before the People of God, we solemnly and publicly pledge ourselves to incorporate our life and call to Christian service into the Order of the Holy Cross (Const. 10.2).

“Into the Order of the Holy Cross”—that is the context of our religious formation and Christian commitment.  It is right good the base and point of departure of all Christian spirituality is the Paschal Mystery of Jesus, symbolized by his Cross.  The program of formation in the New Testament is also our own because of the inspired wisdom of our founders.  Our vows invite us to a sacrificial love in imitation of the Crucified.  The vows participate in the Glorious Cross, in the dynamism of dying and rising:  poverty by rooting oneself in the needs of others as priority; chastity by forgetting oneself to embrace every man as brother, every woman as sister; and obedience by serving others with abandon in the community and elsewhere.  Furthermore, the traditional style of life of Canons Regular is marked by the Church of the Acts.  The life-style of the early Church was born of the experience of the Paschal Mystery.  It is a life of dying and rising that seeks as perfect a balance as possible between communion with God, brotherhood among the believers and solidarity with the world.  This is the meaning of “Order of the Holy Cross.”

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