Friday, March 17, 2017

Parable and Conscience Meditation March 17

Glorious Cross  March 17

To obey, in the Gospel tradition, is to respond to the call of the Spirit in the Church, an encompassing and enduring call to answer the appeals of the world in which we live with utmost generosity after the example of the Lord (Const. 14.1).

Our Crosier Constitutions invite us to leave our personal preferences behind in order to respond to the appeals of our confreres in the community.  Each of us is called to integrate his personal initiatives into the life and rhythm of the community.  It is like dying on the Cross because, as capable and talented individuals, we could follow the impulses of our own interests and plans to do wonders for the Church and world.  Instead, we choose to always involve the confreres in our visions and choices.  By obedience, we give up the right to decide unilaterally for ourselves.  Beyond the community, we are all called to be available for the needs of the Church and world.  In our practice of obedience, whether it concerns our brothers or others, we lower the volume of our own will to better hear them.  In this way, we live the Paschal Mystery.  It feels humanly like death, but the Gospel reveals it as resurrection.

One dances to the rhythm of the drummers.  (Burundi)

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