Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Parable and Conscience Meditation April 12

Glorious Cross  April 12

Today we continue this tradition, striving in life and work to make Christ present among people—Christ who prayed for his sisters and brothers, proclaimed the Kingdom, healed the sick and brought sinners back to God, doing good to all (Const. 20.3).

The faith of the earliest disciples in the Resurrection of Christ led them first to form community.  In knowing the Risen Christ, the believers recognized their relationship with one another and the bond that held them together.  The Church was born.  Secondly, from the beginning, the disciples instinctively felt a profound gratitude toward God for their experience in Christ.  They expressed that essentially by liturgical prayer in the Temple where they went for “the prayers” and then in their houses for the “breaking of the bread.”  Gratitude characterized their fraternity.  Finally, the Eucharistic fraternity felt itself impelled by the Spirit of the Risen Christ to mission in the world.  These, then, are the three most primitive dynamics of the Church:  the fraternity of faith, the thankful liturgical prayer for salvation in Christ and the mission to the world.  Our Crosier life as Canons Regular is modeled on these three dynamics very deliberately and with balance.  It is this tradition that gives us our three-fold ministry of fraternity, liturgy and service.   

Where the moon shines, it brings a little light.  (Lega)

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