Monday, April 24, 2017

Parable and Conscience Meditation April 24

Glorious Cross  April 24

(The Crosier) has a sense of humor and a joyful heart that knows how to overcome difficulties (Profile of the Congolese Crosier).

Shocked by the humiliation and execution of their Master, depressed certainly by the treason and eventual suicide of their colleague Iscariot and embarrassed by the total lack of courage on the part of everyone, the disciples found themselves fearful together in the room of their last meeting with Jesus.  Except for John, no one could rail against anyone else, so despicable was their behavior in common.  Peter in particular was full of remorse, his eyes still red because of the profusion of his tears.  What were they there waiting for?  Certainly not a sudden appearance of Christ!  And certainly not a pleasant encounter with him!   On the contrary, in their imagination, a meeting with Jesus then, given their desertion of him, could only be a justifiable experience of his anger and condemnation.  But “Shalom!” he said.  According to their tradition that meant, “Best wishes!  Be well!  May your life be full of prosperity and peace!”  How is it possible that someone who had been abandoned by his friends to unbearable suffering and a degrading death could meet them afterwards with a smile?  And even more incredible, how is it possible that he would still bear the physical marks of his suffering?  Evidently he is someone who can laugh in the face of misfortune.  But this is how he appeared to them.  Stunned, they welcomed him with a confused joy.  At that moment, they could not understand that they would be called on many times in the future to behave in the same way toward others as he was behaving toward them.

Even if the rain beats down, it does not diminish the bite of the chili pepper.  (Baoule)

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