Monday, April 17, 2017

Parable and Conscience Meditation April 17

Glorious Cross  April 17

Exult, let them exult, the hosts of heaven, exult, the Angel ministers of God exult, let the trumpet of salvation sound our mighty King’s triumph! (Easter Proclamation, Easter Vigil).

      Behold the inauguration of the Ancient Covenant at Mt. Sinai:  an imposing mountain, encompassed by fire and cloud, darkness and storm, where the blast of trumpet and unbearable noise of shouting are heard, in the end a terrible and terrifying spectacle that made one tremble.  This was the theophany of the Lord of nature, the revelation of the Transcendent One who came to communicate through natural phenomena which inspire holy fear in all creation. 
      Behold, on the other hand, the inauguration of the New Covenant in Christ:  a living city, the heavenly Jerusalem, surrounded by myriads of singing angels, with the assembly of the firstborn inscribed in heaven, in the presence of God, the judge of all, accompanied by the spirits of the just made perfect, with Jesus, the mediator of the new covenant whose blood speaks louder than that of Abel.  It is the theophany of the God of love, the One who is close and self-revealing, with a chorus of festive angels singing, in the assembly of the sons and daughters of the new creation, whose head is the Messiah, Jesus, risen from the dead.  
      What an evolution in the manifestation of God:  from the violent eruption of the volcano to the silent rolling back of a stone guarding a tomb.  Exult in joy!

Even if the road is long, it leads to a village.  (Marka)

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