Sunday, April 2, 2017

Parable and Conscience Meditation April 2

Glorious Cross  April 2

I led you out of Egypt, from slavery to freedom, but you led your Savior to the Cross.  My people, what have I done to you?  How have I offended you?  Answer me! (Reproaches, Good Friday).

I answer you.
You remember sadly the wonders you did
    to redeem your people from slavery.
You remember painfully the promises
    of liberation and return made good to your exiled people.
Why do I remember so little about that?
Your disappointment is very understandable
    as your life is consumed on the cross,
    apparently in vain in my regard.
 Rightly you are identified as the Suffering Servant
    whose work seems empty and for nothing.
What a disappointment I am to you, hanging on the cross!
But if you come down, yes, if you come down,
    it is I who will return to slavery and exile,
    it is I who will live in emptiness and nothingness.
Have pity on me; stay on the cross!

After having offered a goat for the sacrifice, you should not, at the moment of the sacrifice, hold it back with a cord to stop it from going to its destiny.  (Madagascar

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