Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Parable and Conscience Meditation April 19

Glorious Cross  April 19

Alleluia, alleluia, alleluia! (Gospel acclamation, Easter Vigil).

When we contemplate the Risen Christ, we see three reasons for hope in our life.  First, Christ glorified is before the Father, praying for us.  He is a Christ who remains incarnate, fully human, always aware of the experiences of his own earthly sojourn.  That means that he, as one of us, knows our human condition.  When we approach him in prayer, we are certain of a sympathetic hearing because he knows what our life is like.  That is why our prayer is always full of hope. The second reason never to despair is that Christ as Risen is conqueror of the Cross.  He faced all the evil of the world and came out victorious.  The secret that he communicates by his Resurrection is that the Cross, whatever its form in our life, is the occasion of rebirth.  It was so for him and it will be the same for his disciples.  The Cross is paradoxically the vehicle of life and hidden in each experience of human suffering is the power of God to raise us up.  Nothing can keep us down.  The third reason for hope is that the Risen Christ will one day return.  His return will bring the full realization of his Kingdom.  Everything will be submitted to him and every tear will be wiped away.  With such confidence, we can courageously support the trials of our existence at any moment.  The return of Jesus gives us hope.

In the palace of the king, only one of his own can serve to introduce you.  (Burundi) 

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