Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Parable and Conscience Meditation April 26

Glorious Cross  26 April
Verbum Crucis, Dei Virtus – The Word of the Cross, the Power of God (Crosier motto).

One of the most striking aspects of Jesus’ Passion was his patience during the trials and the humiliation suffered at the hands of his aggressors.  Jesus spoke not a word.  How was it possible for the Lord of the Universe to support such blasphemous behavior without speaking, without avenging himself?  What was the motive holding back the hand of divine justice?  With what power did God block the exercise of omnipotence that would have been totally justified?  Obviously, it was simply love.  The world thinks differently about the use of power.  Its conviction is, sadly, that might makes right.  But in the eyes of the All-Powerful it is otherwise.  Love is the most powerful force in divine and human interactions.  Love never seeks to correct error with violence.  Clearly, it is the Cross that contradicts the worldly perspective.  Jesus’ patience on the Cross, which went as far as pardoning his abusers, restored the order of justice in the world.  Those who know the Risen Lord share this point of view and become capable of behaving in like manner.  Such patience is a fruit of the Spirit.  To absorb evil, transforming it in a heart of love, is the word of the Cross and the power of God.  It is the risen life.

Learn while weeping, you will win while laughing. (Unknown) 

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  1. I believe I know the Lord, but to behave in the manner Jesus did seems too much. I'm afraid I would strike out; I believe I would fight back. As a former fighter, I'm afraid my instincts would overpower me; would overpower my capacity to love.
    The theology is clear, and easy to mouth, but
    this is a difficult meditation for me. I know deep within, there is both, the capacity to love like Christ, which I am dedicated to follow, but also the instinct to react with violence.