Saturday, April 22, 2017

Parable and Conscience Meditation April 22

Glorious Cross  April 22

In Cruce Vita – In the Cross, Life (Crosier motto).

The first word that came from the mouth of the Risen Christ in the presence of his disciples in the Cenacle was “Shalom!”  The greeting could not have been more appropriate.  The word is a wish for the realization of every good thing at every level of human life.  The word evoked for the Jew the vision of the Garden:  divine friendship, nature at its best, a healthy and immortal body, a clear mind, balanced emotions, loving relationships, moral conviction.  When Jesus presented himself in the Upper Room, what could his disciples perceive?  “Shalom!”  Certainly the most contemplative among them had to be seeing through his glorified body all the way back to the Garden.  What joy!  The Risen Christ seemed to be embracing in his glorified state all the ancestral happiness, Adam restored!  “Shalom!”  Seeing his risen person before them, the disciples could already feel the new sprouting of the Garden in them, the divine energy that had already begun its work.  What promises of physical, intellectual, psychological, moral, social and spiritual well-being!  “Shalom!”  And certainly, with eyes of renewed faith, they saw ahead to the new heavens and the new earth, promised by God on the Day of the Lord.  In the Risen Christ, the future is assured!  “Shalom!” he said.  And they were saved!  The secret of the Cross of Good Friday was revealed:  life takes on its fullness!  “Shalom!”  The invigorating greeting on the lips of the glorified Christ became from then on the sacramental greeting of the Church.

In the field, a bunch of bananas proves itself ripe when one banana ripens on top.  (Shi)

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