Friday, April 28, 2017

Parable and Conscience Meditation April 28

Glorious Cross  April 28

. . . let them rather lift up their hearts and not seek after what is vain and earthly (Rule 7).

Only someone who knows the Risen Christ can take the vow of evangelical poverty.  It is not possible to disregard all concern for personal security in the world without the assurance that there is someone looking out for you.  Apart from the desire for a life of ease, a person has to pursue the earthly necessities that assure survival, like food and drink, clothing and shelter.  To leave behind every personal consideration in favor of meeting the needs of others does not make sense without the confidence that somewhere one has a great benefactor.  Encounter with the Risen Jesus brings such confidence.  One recognizes him as the bearer of ultimate security in this passing world.  Christ confronted the terrors of human existence and overcame them.  The Risen One now knows an indestructible life and, at the same time, has the power to give it to others, even in this world.  Divine love, victorious in Christ, calms the deepest human fears.  In light of the Resurrection, the person sees the future assured.  The person can give him/herself to the project of Christ, leaving worry about human security behind.  Before the Christ Risen, a person of faith is free to live in joy and in abandonment to Providence, which promises every good thing following the decision to commit one hundred percent to the Kingdom of the Risen Lord.

The person who runs behind an elephant doesn’t get wet from the dew.  (Ghana)

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