Friday, November 10, 2017

Parable and Conscience Meditation November 10

Liturgy  November 10 

By continuing, in our personal and communal prayers, . . . we are apostolically present in the world (Const. 17.3).

The Crosiers live a three-dimensional vocation, the elements of which constitute their ministry in the Church and world.  The first element, fraternal life, is prophetic in witnessing to the way of human unity brought about by the death of Christ.  To live in community is ministry.   The second element, liturgical prayer, is the exercise of Christ’s priesthood that sanctifies the world.  The liturgy is truly apostolic because it makes present and efficacious the grace of the Paschal Mystery.  Every Christian community, in making memorial of the Death and Resurrection of Christ, blesses the world by its act of prayer.  The seven sacramental signs, as well as the Liturgy of the Hours, open heaven to humanity and create the foundation for all other dimensions of Christian life.  The third element, direct engagement in meeting the needs of the Church and world, what is ordinarily called the "apostolate," participates in the royalty of Christ through efforts to restore all things in him.  Thus, the charism of the Order requires the three pillars.  The authentic ministry of Christ cannot lack any of them, nor favor one to the discredit of the others.  Head and members, the Church always acts essentially as Priest, Prophet and King for the salvation of the world.

The wilderness is all trees but each thing has its own name.  (Mali)

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