Thursday, November 23, 2017

Parable and Conscience Meditation November 23

Liturgy  November 23

Everything conducive to a personal realization of authentic faith must be incorporated into our program of formation (Const. 23.1).

The faith celebrated in the liturgy is informed by three elements of Christian life that should always be cultivated:
            Experience.  There are persons, like the “Good Thief,” who find God in the experience of goodness.  Others, like Augustine, find God in the world of ideas.  Still others are drawn to God by mystical experiences such as Moses had with the Burning Bush.  There are those who know God in beauty, St. Francis of Assisi among them.  These experience of daily life put the person before the Most High as the One who calls, judges, renews or helps.  The believer comes to the liturgy with such personal experiences.
            Scripture.  Inspired by God, the Bible gives expression to the self-revelation of God in Israel and in Jesus, God’s unique Son.  The Book contains the definitive norms for encountering God.  The liturgy magnifies the events of this Word and invites the believer to listen to it and respond.
            Tradition.  There is an historical community that knows God and whose mission it is to make God known.  Through the will of Christ and under the guidance of the Spirit, the Church guards the integrity of Divine Revelation down through the centuries.  The believer prays the liturgy as a member of that community and as a participant in its memory.

The head of the worm remains in the thing it likes.  (Baoule)

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