Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Parable and Conscience Meditation November 8

Liturgy  November 8 

We hold then that every confrere and community must foster that unity by love and service of which the celebration of the Eucharist is both source and sign (Const. 17.1).

            For religion, sacrifice is always an act of offering and eating that creates communion between God and the worshippers.
            The death of Jesus, anticipated in signs at the Last Supper and accomplished in fact on Calvary, is the sacrifice that created definitive communion between the Father and humanity.
            The Eucharist is the memorial of the death of Jesus that makes present his unique sacrifice under the signs of bread and wine until his Return at the end of time.
            The Eucharist is the redemptive intercession before the Father of the one who was crucified and risen and, at the same time, the thanksgiving of his Body, the Church.
             When Christ offers himself to the Father, the Church in union with him offers him as Head and herself as his holy members.
            The Church eats and drinks the Body and Blood of Christ, the Risen Victim, and she experiences communion with the Father and among her members at that moment in her history.
            The Eucharist is the sign of unity in Christ that causes the unity it signifies.

You don't remove the tree by which you cross the river.  (Mongo)

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