Friday, November 17, 2017

Parable and Conscience Meditation November 17

Liturgy  November 17

(The mysteries) are in some way made present for all time, and the faithful are enabled to lay hold upon them and become filled with saving grace (Vatican Council II, SC 102).

Human beings live in and through their bodies.  It is through our bodies that we make contact with the world around us.  The organs of sense—touch, sight, hearing, smell and taste—are the doors that make human communication possible.  It is not surprising, then, that God uses the same avenues to communicate love to us.  His only Son became incarnate and the contact his disciples had with him through his physical body revealed God to them.  The words and gestures of Jesus were the occasion of the epiphany of his Father.  Christ is the Sacrament of the encounter with God, the sign humanly perceptible that puts people in redemptive contact with God.  Given the human need for physical contact to understand and respond, Christ extended himself in space and time through his Body, the Church.  The Church is tangible.  She “contains” in a visible way the mysteries of invisible salvation.  The Church continues the communication of the grace of God by using signs which call out to human beings.  These signs make understandable the redemption in Christ, they make it present and efficacious to the human world and they facilitate response of faith.  The Christian life is completely sacramental.

A child in his own village is strong like a tree.  (Gabon)

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