Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Parable and Conscience Meditation November 15

Liturgy  November 15

The Church has not adopted any particular style of art as her very own; she has admitted styles from every period . . . (Vatican Council II, SC 123).

The story is told of a king who gave a great feast each year on the occasion of his birthday.  He always invited all the citizens of his realm.  The people came into the great hall of the palace, beautifully decorated according to the tastes of the king.  The musicians played with gusto.  The tables were set with favorite foods and drink.  At the official signal, each guest approached the king with a gift to greet him personally.  People brought beautiful things and every year the king was more content than the previous year.  However, among the guests there was always a simple gardener who each year gave a piece of fine fruit from his garden.  To not appear ungrateful, the king graciously accepted the fruit and discretely threw it into a hidden corner of the hall to forget about it.  This happened every year.  After a long while, the king decided to renovate the hall and he walked around it to study it.  To his great surprise, the corner where he threw the fruit every year was full of precious jewels such as he had never seen before.  The fruit thrown away hid a treasure!  What shame for the king to have wrongly judged the gifts of the gardener as inferior.  The Church should pay attention.

If, deceived by nice words, the fool cuts down the tree which shades his house, there is nothing for him to do except look for shade elsewhere.  (Mossi)  

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