Sunday, November 26, 2017

Parable and Conscience Meditation November 26

Liturgy  November 26

. . . Lauds as morning prayer and Vespers as evening prayer are the two hinges on which the daily office turns; hence they are to be considered as the chief hours and are to be celebrated as such (Vatican Council II, SC 89a).

The rises, the sun sets.  Human life is organized by these two poles of light.  Sunrise makes productive human activity possible; sunset signals the end of the day and the beginning of rest.  In Christian tradition, Christ is the rising Sun that never sets.  Through his Resurrection, Christ causes the eternal day of human fulfillment to rise, during which humanity can work in total confidence of its salvation.  Because in Christ there is no darkness, his light never goes out, enkindled continuously by his community, the Church.  Light plays a dominant role in the daily prayer of the Christian community.  Prayer begins in the morning with the recognition of the rising sun, symbolizing the Savior.  This prayer begins another joy in the life of the Kingdom of light.  The evening, when night falls, Christian prayer lights the fire that symbolizes the eternal flame of the Death and Resurrection of Christ.  The Church lives its beginnings and ends in the brilliance of its Sun.

If one takes on the praise of God, the person will do it during the day and during the night.  (Shi)

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