Saturday, November 18, 2017

Parable and Conscience Meditation November 18

Liturgy  November 18

All prayer finds its source and summit in the celebration of the Eucharist . . . (Const. 17.2).

This is the Eucharistic prayer.
Come.  Lift up our hearts.  We give thanks to the Lord.
Listen.  It is just and right to give thanks for the marvels that God had done of old in favor of the people and is now doing in Christ.
Acclaim.  Holy, holy, holy.  Blessed is he who comes.
Listen again.  All creation proclaims the praise of God who is concerned for our salvation and who gathers us as a praising people.
Invoke.  Come, Spirit of God, to make holy and transform.
Listen further.  He took bread, his body delivered up.  He took the cup, his blood outpoured.  Do this in memory of me, he said.
Acclaim a second time.  Glory to you who were dead . . . glory to you who are living . . . come, Lord Jesus.
Remember and offer.  In remembering his death, resurrection and ascension . . . awaiting his return . . . we present this holy and living offering . . . accept it . . . send the Spirit of unity.
Intercede.  Remember us who hope for eternal life; remember the Church and her pastors; remember all the sons and daughters of this world; remember those who have died.
Praise.  Through him and with him and in him, almighty Father.
Acclaim finally.  Amen!

It's where the milk is that one must ask.  (Burundi)

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