Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Parable and Conscience Meditation November 21

Liturgy  November 21

Consequently, in the years of initial formation and training, the greatest attention must be devoted to a genuine life of faith (Const. 23.1).

What shame that after such a long life of religious observance, he ended in a serious failure of faith.  Chosen by lot, he took his turn to enter the sanctuary of the Lord to offer the incense.  Was it the cloud of smoke that disoriented him?  The angel appeared.  His message was simple and direct:  you will be a father.  But the old man turned a deaf ear to the bearer of such unthinkable news.  No, the time for such adventure had already passed by them, him and his wife.  Passion had grown cold a long time ago and now their biology would not even permit it.  Perhaps the old man thought that he was seeing a mirage of empty dreams.  But the angel was firm.  He had an answer for that kind of humanism.  Do human possibilities limit God?  Never!  And to stop the spread of such harmful doctrine, the mouth of this offending priest was shut tight.  Zachary left the Temple with nothing more to say concerning the ways of God.  What had happened to him in his formation that the soul of his religion would die?  In any event, we must avoid that possibility at all costs.  We have to cultivate contact with the Center and live there.  Certainly, we must leave it from time to time, but we must certainly always return there.  For a consecrated person, to lose sight is to lose voice.  

Whining doesn’t deter God from the divine line of action.  (Shi)

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