Monday, November 6, 2017

Parable and Conscience Meditation November 6

Liturgy  November 

(In the Eucharist) we find reconciliation and true unity with our brothers (Const. 17.2).

Jesus died to bring all people together in God.  Through this reconciliation, God becomes again the Father of the one family of true brothers and sisters.  But this reconciliation is also a pilgrimage for humanity, which by sin breaks the unity gained.  Sin against love is acknowledged at every Eucharistic celebration.  Let us prepare ourselves . . . recognizing that we are sinners.  It is necessary to do that because the integrity of Eucharistic participation depends on reconciliation.  “Leave your gift at the altar and go first to be reconciled with your brother” (Mt 5:24).  The penitential rite of the Mass invites the worshippers to acknowledge their decisions against the love of God and neighbor, to feel sorrow for their offenses and to be converted.  I confess to Almighty God and to you, my brothers and sisters.  The regret, which is called contrition, is the key to true repentance.  It is about a felt displeasure caused by the recognition of having damaged a relationship, of having thought, said or done something wrong against God or against a brother or sister.  I have sinned in what I have done and failed to do.  Contrition opens the way to reparation.   Contrition leads to rebirth in the Spirit.  May God have mercy on us . . . and bring us to eternal life.  Lord, have mercy.

The weak lamb knows when to get back to the sheepfold.  (Bamileke)

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