Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Parable and Conscience Meditation November 22

Liturgy  November 22

By this (“prayer of the faithful”), . . . intercession will be made for holy Church, for the civil authorities, for those oppressed by various needs, for all mankind, and for the salvation of the entire world (Vatican Council II, SC 53).

It is striking that the first act of the community after the reading of the Passion on Good Friday is to make ten intercessions for the Church and world.  Without the least delay, the Church as the Body of Christ begins to apply to the world the fruits of the death of Jesus which has just been proclaimed.  It is part of her mission to intercede with her Head for the salvation of the world.  The intercession of Good Friday is for the Church, her leadership and members, including the catechumens.  She prays for unity with all other Christian communities.  The prayer includes intentions for the Jewish people, for those who do not believe either in Christ or God.  Finally, the Church intercedes for those who govern and for all of suffering humanity.  This extended action of intercession is repeated at the Sunday Eucharist and other Eucharistic celebrations.  The model is always the same:  in the confidence of the Cross, the Church prays for herself, public authorities, those who are suffering and all of humanity.

If you hear the puppy barking at the watch dog, it's because it’s with its father.  (Mali)

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