Monday, May 1, 2017

Parable and Conscience Meditation May 1

Glorious Cross  May 1

Christ is risen, creator of all;  he has shown pity on all people. (Gospel acclamation, III Sunday of Easter C).

The event of the Resurrection embraces the entire history of the world.  Its power touches back to the moment when the first sin began the disintegration of the plan of God.  That moment was healed.  Its power traversed the centuries of Jewish covenants made and broken.  Those centuries have been put right.  The power of the Resurrection enlivened the era of the primitive Church.  That time was inspired.  The power of the Resurrection will bring the Last Day, the fulfillment of all the work of the Trinity to restore humanity and the universe it inhabits.  At the Parousia, Christ will bring an end to the eschatological process already in play.  The date is not known.  Everyone will be judged according to the norms of love (Mt.25 : 31-46) and all will be submitted to Christ.  Those who were faithful to the grace of salvation in the measure it was given to them will rise to glory.  Those who behaved in ways contrary to the love of God will also rise, but to condemnation.  The last act of salvation will be the transfiguration of the heavens and the earth, the completion of the New Creation, the reestablishment of the Divine Plan as it had been in the beginning.  Every human being will find place somewhere in this history of salvation.  Each person will be judged finally according to his/her dutiful relation to the objective of salvation history, namely, the rebirth of goodness in the world.  Our own salvation depends on the kind of attention we give to the call of the Kingdom in our day.  

When a mother has twins, she has to sleep on her back for the sake of the health of the twins.  (Shi)

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