Sunday, May 14, 2017

Parable and Conscience Meditation May 14

Glorious Cross  May 14

We accept the commission of the Risen Lord, “Go, therefore, make disciples of all the nations” (Matthew 28, 19) (Const. 20.1).

The news of the Resurrection of Jesus and his power for the life of the world moves to mission.  Jesus authorized the Twelve at the Last Supper to make the memorial of his Paschal Mystery, the mystery of his Cross and Resurrection.  In effect, they were charged to call his People to this work of “anamnesis” (remembering) and to accompany them in their efforts in the world to be the sign and instruction of the salvation commemorated.  The assurance of the mission was in the hands of the Twelve.  They, in turn, authorized others in the community by the “laying on of hands” for the work of preaching, coordinating and blessing in the name of the Risen One.  The Church believes that it is Jesus himself who calls and empowers in the Sacrament of Orders.  By this sacramental act, it is he who initiates those chosen into a participation in his Paschal Mystery so that they might take up their ecclesial task.  They are chosen to be at the head of the People of God on mission, dying to every personal interest and project for a total commitment, like Christ’s, to serve others in the Church and world.  The power of the Cross and Resurrection ordains and sends them.  Having passed again through this Paschal initiation, the ordained know the mystery to preach, the blessing to give and the leadership to make Christ Risen known and effective.

The strength of an old woman is in her ears.  (Mossi)

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