Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Parable and Conscience Meditation May 30

Images of MartyrsGlorious Cross  30 May

The Region of the Congo has the name “The Martyrs of Bondo” (Congolese Regional Statutes, 2).

In the 1964-5 Simba revolution in the Congo, then Zaire, 23 Europeans Crosiers were massacred in Dakwa and Buta.  We honor them here.

Fr. Josephus Beckers, 49, evangelizer of the poor; Fr. Robert Carremans, 55, formator of the local clergy; Fr. Marinus Godefrooy, 52, man of service; Fr. Victor van Heeswijk, 37, teacher of professors and students; Br. Leonardus Ignoul, 57, helper of the poor; Fr. Gerardus Jansen, 58, zealous baptizer of catechumens; Fr. Gerardus Kester, 47, enthusiastic priest of the apostolate; Fr. Godefridus Kraewinkels, 43, benefactor to everyone; Fr. Paulus Kruitwagen, 52, selfless servant; Fr. Alphonsus Kuypers, 40, spiritual director of religious and native clergy; Fr. Hubertus van Lieshout, 31, prophet of Church renewal; Fr. Johannes van Oort, 38, kind friend to everyone; Br. Lambertus Schoenmakers, 47, religious and exemplary servant; Fr. Henricus Snijkers, 37, youth minister; Fr. Albertus Timmers, 35, enthusiastic witness of Gospel joy; Fr. Henricus Verberk, 47, confrere radiant with joy; Fr. Johannes Verhoeven, 31, apostle of service to youth; Br. Petrus Verkuylen, 66, zealous wise man for everyone; Fr. Arnoldus Vervoort, 40, counselor with good sense; Fr. Wilhelmus Vissers, 55, fully committed holy man; Fr. Phillipus Waldram, 54, revaler of God’s love; Fr. Wilhelmus van Wetten, 45, mild-mannered man of courage; Br. Josephus Wouters, 59, constructor of churches and friendship.  Martyrs of Bondo, be with us all!

To forget the ancestors is to be a stream without a source, a tree without roots. 

To read a fuller account of the martyrdom and see images of the martyrs, click on the following links:  Martyrs Story  Images of Martyrs

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