Thursday, May 18, 2017

Parable and Conscience Meditation May 18

Glorious Cross  May 18

In Cruce Robur – In the Cross, Strength (Crosier motto).

Despite all the apparent power of evil in the world, even if it dominates one’s experience, there is another power through which the believer can be free for love, justice and obedience to God.  It is the power of the Cross of Christ.  Filled with this power, the human heart remains always a center of grace, of virtue, a holy place from which God reigns.  It is possible that the extent of the Reign of God, at a certain historical moment, is limited to the small space of the heart of a courageous man or woman.  One has only to read the histories of heroes of religious persecutions in the Church, heroes of political oppression, heroes of imprisonment in concentration camps or heroes in deplorable situations of poverty.  In them can be seen the victory of individuals influenced by grace, of individuals who have overcome despite impossible obstacles.  This is testimony that there is always the possibility of light in the darkness, strength in the face of weakness and goodness in the midst of evil.  This is the reliving of Jesus’ Paschal Mystery.  We live always with the possibility of being violated, mastered, even destroyed by the ghosts of the forces of evil.  But each little interior resistance becomes part of the great victory of Jesus and an extension of his reign.  What strength in the Cross of Jesus that makes such faithfulness persevere to the end!

The thigh is supported by the leg.  (Ngbandi)

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