Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Parable and Conscience Meditation May 2

Glorious Cross  May 2

Speak out with a voice of joy; let it be heard to the ends of the earth:  The Lord has set his people free, alleluia (Entrance antiphon, IV Sunday of Easter).

The encounter with the Risen Jesus puts one face to face with the supreme symbol of human destiny.  In this Glorified Man, the intention of the Creator for the body and soul of the human being is revealed.  In the Risen Jesus, all the dimensions of the human person are recreated in a perfected state.  The Resurrection manifests the plan of God to bring humanity to a new condition.  Who would not be attracted to such a project, given the experience of life today?  Who could remain indifferent to this possibility of regeneration?  The Resurrection of Jesus that promises a life of glory inspires the obedience of Christians to pursue it.  They give themselves seriously to hearing God in all the circumstances of life, trying to discover the path toward the restoration of their lives and that of the world.  Among these believers, there are some so taken by the revelation of human destiny in Jesus that they freely engage in a radical reorganization of their lives in order to maintain a stance of listening to God.  Their obedience to the vision is without compromise.  They look for a style of life that keeps them at attention through contemplative prayer, communal dialogue and disciplined availability.  They wish to arrive at resurrection and to bring their brothers and sisters with them. They are the consecrated men and women called “religious” in the Church.

Be like the hairs of a dog, all turned in the same direction.  (Congo)

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