Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Parable and Conscience Meditation May 31

Glorious Cross  May 31

Wash the stains of guilt away; bend the stubborn heart and will; melt the frozen, warm the chill; guide the steps that go astray (Sequence, Pentecost).

In the act of dying, Jesus breathed his Spirit on the Church and it became the principle of life.   From within the Body of Christ, the Spirit brings to action all the dynamics that animate the life the Body.  The presence of the Spirit cleanses from sin, it awakens dying inspiration, it repairs damage in the Body.  The Spirit softens hardness, overcomes weakness, restores balance to the Body.  The Spirit does all that to stimulate every part of the Body.  Gifted by the Spirit, there are members or particular communities that serve as blood to wash, bathe, heal.  Gifted by the Spirit, there are members or communities that generate the energy to make supple, to warm, to make straight.  The Body takes to itself the gifts of the Spirit as it own vigor.  Descending on the Church as a dove, the Spirit gathers all the forces of the Body to an ever-new vitality for the work of Christ in the world.  Blowing like a wind, the Spirit quickens all the aspirations of the Body for clear and strong witness.  Appearing like tongues of fire, the Spirit activates all the resources of the Body for efficacious commitment.  The Spirit-gifted Christians are the outpouring the Spirit in the Church and world.

When the fire is not yet well lit, you can’t stew the snails. (Akye)

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