Friday, May 5, 2017

Parable and Conscience Meditation May 5

Glorious Cross  May 5

Salve Crux Speciosa – Hail, Beautiful Cross (Crosier motto).

St. Odilia, patroness of the Crosiers, was martyred in Cologne in the 14th century with 10 other virgins, all companions of St. Ursula.  In 1287, after a thousand years of silence regarding this saint, a Crosier brother, John of Eppa, found her remains in a field in Cologne.  It is said that St. Odilia herself revealed the location to the brother.  In 1292 her remains were placed in an oak box, still to be found in Belgium, decorated with the story of her martyrdom.  The remains were transferred to Huy, the motherhouse of the Crosiers, where many miracles occurred.  The fact that St. Odilia is a martyr unites us to her in the mystery of the Cross.  But St. Odilia is also known as the patroness of the eyes and she is prayed to for the healing of eye ailments.  What a grace to have such an intercessor for sight!  We Crosiers count on her to open our eyes to see the Cross in all its beauty.  In the experience of the Paschal Mystery, our vision is often distorted.  The suffering of the moment does not allow a clear vision of the full reality of the Cross as the way to resurrection.  In the midst of suffering, it’s easy to see only the rough wood of the Cross and be blind to its jewels.  The Cross as signifying death does not seem glorious.  New eyes are needed, very mature eyes of faith, to see beyond the tears to the glory.  It is the service of experienced people, already initiated like St. Odilia, to encourage a new vision sensitive to hidden splendor.

You walk along the river; one day you will have to cross it.  (Baoule)

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