Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Parable and Conscience Meditation May 24

Glorious Cross  May 24

By his faith, (the Crosier) gives witness with joy to a spirit of hope and inspires it in others (Profile of the Congolese Crosier).

She was in front of the tomb weeping.  Mary Magdalene represents everyone who despairs of seeing their human life fulfilled.  Perhaps we are among them.  We always look for the fullness of life, weeping.  It is possible for us to feel so abandoned that we cannot recognize the presence of God any longer.  Jesus calls Mary, but not from his tomb.  It is she and we who are found in the tomb like dead people.  But they are not tombs so deep that God cannot come there.  God knows how enter into the darkness of our lives.  God knows how to roll back the stone that blocks our entry into life.  God calls us by name, revives us, makes us see and believe.  Jesus asks Mary to cling to him in a new way, with a more lively faith.  But she is not to hold on to him for herself.  She must make him a gift to others, to his brothers still entombed in the Upper Room in Jerusalem and everywhere in the world.  She did that, testifying:  “I have seen the Lord and this is what he told me.”  Can we leave our mourning, thanks to our Easter experience?  Can we be revived to enter into a living relationship with the Risen One?  Can we go to the others to say:  “Why are you weeping?  I have seen him, alleluia, and here is the word of life that he wants to say to you.”

It’s the neighbors who know how to adequately communicate news.  (Shi)

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