Monday, May 15, 2017

Parable and Conscience Meditation May 15

Glorious Cross  May 15

Christ, the mediator between God and humankind, judge of the world and Lord of all, has passed beyond our sight, not to abandon us but to be our hope.  Christ is the beginning, the head of the Church; where he has gone, we hope to follow (I Preface of Ascension).

A man of flesh:  a baby who matured, a child to be spoiled,
    an adolescent growing into adulthood, someone who knew
    hunger, thirst, fatigue, pleasure, suffering, death.
A man of intelligence to educate in the family and at school.
A man of feelings:  surprise, irritation, anger, sadness, humor
    adventure, compassion, loneliness, terror, abandonment,
    rejection, joy, love.
A man of will:  tempted, obedient.
A man of relationship:  family, friends, politics, ministry, enemies.
A man of the spirit who observed the religious traditions,
    who prayed, who gave witness.
Jesus Christ, the only Son of God who remains now and eternally
    one hundred percent human in his place in the heavens.
Our elder brother, welcome us!

What is in the meat is also meat.  (Nande)

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