Monday, May 8, 2017

Parable and Conscience Meditation May 8

Glorious Cross  May 8

In the following of Christ, (the Crosier) manifests a constant spirit of conversion to evangelical values (Profile of the Congolese Crosier).

Faith as a fruit of the Spirit sustains an absolute confidence in God that allows the gift of self without any worry about personal well-being.  The person of faith is confidant that God in Christ spoke in all truthfulness and that God remains true to that Word.  To decide, then, to follow the path that God indicates will demand only the courage of perseverance.  What is asked for in the course of the call is the same as what was asked for in the way of the Cross, namely, the gift of self even to death.  Occasionally that will require putting aside egotistical desires, overcoming of the limits of personal horizons, re-orienting vital energies and changing habitual patterns of behavior in favor of evangelical values.  In short, it is about a commitment full of self-denial that is not possible without faith.  Take, for example, the widow at the treasury of the Temple.  It is not known what struggle she had before making the decision to put what she herself needed into the collection box.  Did she debate long in her heart?  Did she face criticism from friends?  Did she have to overcome any rebellious feelings before taking the route to the Temple with the two coins in her pocket?  But what counted in the end was the victory of her confidence in God, affirmed by the Messiah who was watching her.  She submitted her own vision to that of God and her faith brought her to the gate of the Kingdom.

The river never abandons its bed.  (Mali)

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