Saturday, May 20, 2017

Parable and Conscience Meditation May 20

Glorious Cross  May 20

The Crosier assimilates the spirituality of the Glorious Cross (Profile of the Congolese Crosier).
Spirituality is a way of being before God and people.  To speak of the assimilation of a spirituality is to speak of a process whereby a point of view becomes practice.  A point of view is a way of looking at something.  Practice is a way of acting.  As for the spirituality of the Glorious Cross, the point of view concerns good and evil in the world.  According to this point of view, God created all good, while evil is a corruption of it introduced by sin.  The historical struggle between good and evil is resolved by the Cross of Jesus:  good is conquered completely, but the full manifestation of the victory awaits a future moment.  In the meantime, the effects of evil make themselves felt as the desperate attempts of a loser in a battle already won.  That is the point of view.  On the other hand, the practice of the spirituality of the Cross is the way of living the victory while diminishing the sense of its incompleteness.  Such a life is characterized by celebration and by commitment to promote hope and eradicate suffering.  So that the point of view can be practiced, there must be a continual process of contemplation and verification:  where is the evidence of the victory of the Cross seen in the concrete?  One has to enter into the daily experience of the Paschal mystery with eyes wide open.  One has to participate reflectively in the reality of good and evil in the world.

The leopard did not know how to seize by the neck; he watched it being done.  (Rwanda)

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