Friday, June 2, 2017

Parable and Conscience Meditation June 2

Community  June 2

To favor fraternal unity in the community, we use a common language (Congolese Regional Statutes 1.15).

Scene I.  Frustrated, they searched for greater fortune, even the possibility of avenging themselves against God who condemned them.  Arrogantly they located in Babel where the project was conceived:  a tower that would reach to the heavens.  It was an attempt to regain their ancient Garden privilege.  Suddenly they were confronted with unexpected difficulties in their collaboration.  Words did not pass easily between the builders.  Because of the terrible cacophony, the work was blocked in mid-course, the great plan was stopped, the dream died.

Scene II.  Still together, they were waiting in the Upper Room.  Suddenly with the sound of a wind, the fire appeared, not in some general way, but like small tongues above each one of them.  The sound of a single language was translated spontaneously in the ears of people from all over who were gathered for the feast.  Each one understood the same news, despite their diverse linguistic origins. 

Scene III.  The members of the religious community received the same inspiration, at first very personally.  They were to announce the establishment of the Kingdom.  But without a mutual and harmonious understanding, how would the project go?

If various people whistle together, there is harmony.  (Rwanda)

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