Monday, June 26, 2017

Parable and Conscience Meditation June 26

Community  June 26

Our communities should be centers of light (Congolese Regional Statutes 3.1).

From medieval to modern times, the motto of the Crosiers has been, “Ama nesciri et pro nihilo reputari” which loosely translated means “Love to be unknown.”  This summary of spirituality certainly was linked to the contemplative character of the Order at its foundations and to the devotion of the Cross popular in that epoch.  While the Gospel sense of this motto always remains valid (it is Christ who should always increase), the evolution of the Order has brought her to a new perspective in her relation with the world.  Little by little in her history, and particularly from the time of the Protestant Reformation, the Order became more pastorally active.  Today Crosiers look to be pastoral agents who are really present and dynamic and who respond to the serious and pressing needs of the Church and contemporary society.  That does not mean that the Order has lost its humility and is drawing attention to herself in the ministry.  The Order is still more convinced than ever that it is only the proclamation of Christ that can bring about God’s Kingdom.  That is why, in our time, the Crosiers are intensifying their efforts to live a remarkable community life in vigorous witness to Gospel values.  It is the reason the Order today has entered into a more active dialogue with the Church and world to discern her apostolic contribution.  Protecting the balance of communal life, liturgical prayer and ministerial service, the communities are living as radiating centers of light.

To have a lot of dogs doesn’t make a person famous; what makes a person famous is that all the dogs are good hunters.  (Madagascar)

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