Thursday, June 15, 2017

Parable and Conscience Meditation June 15

Community  June 15

Each person is a distinct individual with inalienable rights and obligations, and with his own vocation and talents, which must be respected by everyone at all times (Const. 7.1).

Who is the confrere beside me in the chapel, at table, in chapter, in recreation?  What kind of history does he have, what destiny?  From all eternity, he was in the mind of God as a potential creation, unique and irreplaceable.  Born as the fruit of human love, he was formed in the constellation of a particular family with its own cultural roots.  He got involved in religion, shepherded by friends, advisors and pastors.  Life gave him understanding and experiences to live toward this moment of maturity.  He has known ups and downs, success and failure, happiness and disappointment.  His faith led him to the Crosiers.  He has his dreams and fears, his talents and limitations.  He has the right to a dignified life as a human being and the duty to share common work.  He has the right to a religious life according to the Constitutions and the duty to see them lived out.  He has the right to develop his gifts and the duty to integrate them into the community plan.  He has the right to be himself and the duty to respect others.  In fact, looking at the confrere beside me, it is my own history, my own destiny, that I see.  We reflect each other.

Each snake slinks in its own way.  (Bayombe)

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