Sunday, June 25, 2017

Parable and Conscience Meditation June 25

Community  June 25

Hence the communities must undertake the task of education and formation in the values of traditional monastic observances (Const. 8.2).

Despite the fact that the Order of the Holy Cross (Crosiers) is not a monastic Order, from the time of its foundation the confreres accepted monasticism as a tutor in asceticism.  Traditionally, the Crosiers made use of monastic practices, e.g., fasting and abstinence, other practices of self-denial and renunciation, physical suffering and discomfort, even self-flagellation.  The Crosier spirituality of the Cross always supported asceticism, but very much moderated by the spirit of the Rule of Augustine.  The serious practice of asceticism is necessary for orienting an often disoriented life toward Gospel love.  Such an orientation begins in Baptism and continues all through one’s life.  The objectives of asceticism are to stimulate spiritual growth and to discipline human weakness.  The Constitutions encourage a communal ascetical life, but without determining the specific practices as did the previous Constitutions.  Respecting the tradition of the Church, the local culture and the person’s needs, today’s Constitutions leave the choice of practices to the discernment of the local community.  Thus, a commitment to asceticism is asked of all the confreres in their communities, but not a uniform program for the whole Order.  To each village, its own clinic.

The mouth of old person stinks, but what it says is very edifying.  (Nande)

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