Friday, June 16, 2017

Parable and Conscience Meditation June 16

Community  June 16

(The Crosier) feels at home in the community (Profile of the Congolese Crosier).

To feel at home in the community is very much affected by the ambiance created by the members.  This sentiment of feeling at home prospers where there are community habits of affirming confreres in their goodness as persons: I accept you!  Affirmation testifies to the wonder members have over the generous goodness of God toward creation.  Through affirmation the community promotes the graces God has given to the members: “What a gift!”  To affirm is a also basic way of exercising fraternal love: “I appreciate you!”  Such an atmosphere of affirmation gives to each person the encouragement to be the best self the person can be.  It is a wonderful and welcoming environment that seeks the development of the person in the context of community life: “I encourage you!”  Personal initiatives are fostered; talents are cultivated.  In an atmosphere of affirmation, there is the habit of expressing mutual appreciation.  Efforts and contributions are recognized:  “I thank you!”  The community rejoices in the potential of its members and provides resources for the development and exercise of personal gifts within the limits of the community’s possibilities:  “I support you!”  With enthusiasm the community accompanies the fulfillment of each member as someone of value in the realization of the Kingdom:  “You have my confidence!”  Yes, you are at home!

Even the small bird has feathers on its tail.  (Schambala)

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