Saturday, June 10, 2017

Parable and Conscience Meditation June 10

Community  June 10

. . . he who suffered the injury must also forgive, without further wrangling (Rule of Augustine, 42).

This is the "Declaration of the Rights of Someone Offended," promulgated and rigorously imposed by the Prince of this World:

Every member of the Kingdom of Darkness who is offended has the right to vengeance.  Suggested actions:  1) an identical or equivalent reaction to what was suffered that inflicts on the offender the same painful effects as the original offense (eye for eye, etc.);  2) giving the offender “a taste his/her own medicine” (e.g., setting a trap);  3) passive aggressive behavior (e.g., snubbing, ignoring, making snide remarks, etc.).

In the absence of vengeance, no member of the Kingdom of Darkness should reconcile with the offender except on condition that the offender compensates 100% for the offense committed, i.e., the offender must show ultimately him/herself worthy of the high dignity of the person offended.

In the absence of vengeance and compensation, never must the offended member of the Kingdom of Darkness forget the offence, continually reminding the offender of it or at least at those moments when the offender is most vulnerable.

When a leopard falls into a trap, he ends up being lanced . . . but is your neighbor a leopard?  (Congo)

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