Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Parable and Conscience Meditation June 27

Community  June 27

The first brothers of the Holy Cross chose the Rule of Augustine as a vital form of evangelical community (Const. 3.1).

« For you who form a monastic community, these are the prescriptions to obey » (Rule of St. Augustine, 1.1).
Chapter 1.  The fundamental ideal.  One for the other, we go humbly toward God, sharing everything.
Chapter 2.  Prayer and community.  In an ambiance of prayer, we approach God in all sincerity.
Chapter 3.  Community and health care.  Temperate and respectful of our different personalities, we take care of one another.
Chapter 4.  Mutual responsibility.  Careful about our ideals, we support one another as brothers on the good path.
Chapter 5.  Service to one another.  Unselfishly we move ahead together in loving, fraternal service.
Chapter 6.  Love and conflict.  We protect the vitality of our community by prompt and sincere reconciliation.
Chapter 7.  Loving authority and obedience.  We practice mutual and generous obedience.
Chapter 8.  Final exhortation.  By our observance in freedom, we witness to the work of salvation in Christ.

The one who carries a load without a pad ends up with a headache.  (Shi)

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