Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Parable and Conscience Meditation June 21

Community  June 21

The proper functioning of our chapters is both a requirement for the creation of genuine community and at the same time evidence of a vital community (Const. 8.1).

Without the chapter, there is no authentic Crosier life.  The Constitutions are clear.  At every level, general, provincial, regional and local, the vitality of the Order depends on the calling of the chapter and on its good functioning.  Each member of the Order has the duty to participate according to his own status.  For chapters with delegates, the delegates have the responsibility for preparing and conducting them and for following through on them in collaboration with the leadership of the Order.  Other members involved (for the General Chapter all the other confreres of the world, for Provincial and Regional Chapters, all the other members of the Province or Region) have the right to submit proposals and the obligation to pray, follow and collaborate with the chapters.  For local chapters, each member of the community plays his part in accord with the statutes of the community.  If God calls all, God speaks through all.  A silent or silenced voice diminishes the effectiveness of discernment.  The chapter is, in fact, the auditorium of the Spirit in which the Spirit’s will for the life and mission of the community is sounded.  Each confrere contributes to its tone.

The chiefs are like the water of a whirlpool:  they don't go away without being consulted.  (Lega)

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