Monday, June 5, 2017

Parable and Conscience Meditation June 5

Community  June 5

These Constitutions should be seen within the history of the Order as a new stage in its constant and ongoing development (Const. 0.4).

            In 1210, the Spirit led Theodore de Celles and his companions, signed with the Cross and inspired by Augustine, to Huy as a protest against the canonical life of the cathedral in Li√®ge.  Glory to you, Spirit of creativity, who gives rebirth to the Church!
            In 1410, the Spirit reformed the corrupt Crosier community.  The burning of all previous documents, purifying Crosier memory, promoted the renaissance of Crosier life and work.  Glory to you, Spirit of prophecy, who insures following the right path!
            In the 16th century, the Spirit turned longstanding Crosier contemplative customs upside down in favor of a more active ministerial life to relativize Protestant excesses.  Glory to you, Spirit of innovation, who reinvents your creation!
            In 1840, the Spirit revived the Order, dying from the philosophical poisons of the French Revolution, through the “second founder” for a new religious and missionary movement.  Glory to you, Spirit of life, who delivers from death!
            In 1967, the Spirit guided the Crosier General Chapter to update the Constitutions for a contemporary relaunching of the Order.  Glory to you, Spirit of renewal, who breathes over the Church!
            And now, what?  Glory to you, Spirit of surprises!

No one knows in what direction the horns of a heifer will grow.  (Rwanda)

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