Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Parable and Conscience Meditation June 14

Community  June 14

The Region as a whole, all the members as individuals and all the communities, commits itself to participate in the africanization of all of Crosier life (Regional Congolese Statutes, 1.28).

Within the Christian members of a culture, the Gospel is in dialogue with cultural values that both humanize and dehumanize life.  The Christian members of the culture, faithful to their conversion to the Gospel, eventually develop a perspective for participating Christianly in the culture.  In them, the culture is transformed.  In them, the culture prays in Christ in a way that is recognizable as belonging to it.  In them, the culture finds its own moral language that effectively enlightens good and evil in the contemporary conscience.  In them, the culture interacts with Christian truths, producing Christian thought proper to it.  In them, the culture affirms that the Spirit is already present in its ancient traditions and is moved toward a new synthesis of renewed social life.  In them, the culture completes the multi-faceted face of the cosmic Christ and gives the Kingdom of God a new and unique expression in another part of the world.  In them, Christ becomes one of them.  For religious, this inculturating dialogue takes place within the community and serves as a model for the local Church.

Each flower has its own perfume.  (Douala)

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