Monday, June 12, 2017

Parable and Conscience Meditation June 12

Community  June 12

As a mature African, the Crosier is someone «initiated,» that is to say, a man in whom others trust and who plays a role among them (Profile of the Congolese Crosier).

The program of formation of a religious community resembles the African rite of intiation.  The young layman, already formed in Baptism, arrives at a moment of vocational crisis in his life.  What will be his role in the community of the Church?  Under the inspiration of the Spirit, he is attracted by several life options.  He decides.  He presents his option to the elders.  After a determination of his ability to make such a commitment, the elders separate him from the ordinary circumstances of life that he knew to that moment.  He enters into a community, often with a ritual that signifies the separation:  a change of clothing, the giving of a cross, the reception of other symbols.  He begins the voyage.  All along the new way, he submits himself to a new authority.  After a time of testing, of experience, he is judged to be mature and is incorporated definitively into the community by perpetual profession of vows.  But the arrival is not a moment for resting on his laurels.  Through the practice of good collaboration during his formation, he is ready to exercise co-responsibility for the life and mission of the community.  The community can now count on this initiated man for an adult role of participation.

The path grows by being used.  (Gabon)

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