Friday, August 11, 2023

Parable and Conscience Meditation August 11

Chastity  August 11

. . . your eyes may chance to rest upon some woman or other, you must not fix your gaze upon any woman (Rule of St. Augustine 22).

She had to be one of the loveliest girls in the place.  Full of life, young and charming, gentle with everyone, calm, a girl of conviction, faithful to her family and social commitments.  She would have made a marvelous wife for the most distinguished man in the society.  But she was married to him.  His relationship with this young woman was his joy and he was completely devoted to her happiness.  But no one could suspect his secret.  Their love had not yet been consummated.  One can imagine the strength of his character.  Day after day, he lived beside her in the intimacy of their home.  She was the first person he saw in the morning and the last person he said good night to in the evening.  They laughed together, talked about everything, shared the burdens of the life with joy.  His eyes saw her beauty at every moment, but he never looked at her dishonorably.  He felt all the desires, all the tenderness that a man could feel for his wife, but he never touched her.  It was his promise to God who revealed to him his great vocation in a dream before their marriage.  She was a virgin and he was her protector.  With no regret, no resentment, no infidelity, Joseph cherished Mary.  The "Just One" they called him afterwards and even more:  Joseph, a man's man, courageous master of himself, unbelievable example of chastity for the love of God and God’s Kingdom.

True dancers keep the rhythm.  (Burundi)

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