Tuesday, August 22, 2023

Parable and Conscience Meditation August 22

Chastity  22 August

(The Crosier) cultivates respectful and kind relationships and is, at the same time, mature and careful with all other persons (Profile of the Congolese Crosier).

From birth, a person is socialized, that is to say, prepared to live a variety of human relationships, each one of which has its own objective and courtesy.  A baby learns to be child of a mother, child of a father.  The youngster discovers how to interact appropriately with brothers and sisters, friends, eventually a spouse.  The young person is formed to be the student of a professor, the worker under a boss, the citizen of a country.  The places of education for these roles include the family, school, Church and society, where models are found.  Success is manifested in healthy and effective relationships later in life.  For the religious consecrated to chastity, there is also a process of socialization.  The religious must learn appropriate interaction with the persons around, whether in the community or in the world.  The place of this learning is the Gospel, studied in the great classroom of the tradition of celibacy.  The model is Christ himself.  The objective is to form religious men and women capable of living with their arms around the whole world.  In effect, it is to form welcoming human beings, living in universal love, every man becoming a brother and every woman becoming a sister.  Success manifests itself in the creation everywhere of climates where the people of the world live in mutual respect, everyone dedicated to the development of everyone else.

Where the first monkey passed, the last will also pass. (Lega)

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