Friday, August 18, 2023

Parable and Conscience Meditation August 18

Chastity  August 18

In religious life we respond in a particular way to the Christian vocation of realizing the fullness of love (Const. 11.1).

The effect of the death and resurrection of Jesus was the restoration of love in the world, that is to say, the reconciliation of the world with God and the reestablishment of human harmony.  The love in question, called agape in the New Testament, is, in effect, the self-communication of God that sanctifies.  God is given and humanity is regenerated.  The love of God in the human person creates the capacity to love both God and neighbor.  Redeemed humanity is oriented totally toward God as its Supreme Good.  In union with God and, thus, transformed by God’s love, the human person recovers the possibility of transcending the self, receiving the capacity to be for the other and forgetful of self, the only dynamic that brings real happiness.  Because the love in a person is the love of God, the person loves like God, unselfishly and unconditionally.  Seen with the eye of God, the other person has unquestionable value.  Such value attracts the consideration of others.  The person who loves looks to perfect the neighbor in his or her dignity and becomes lenient with the other's weakness.   It is thus that the loving person is also fulfilled.  The person surpasses self-interest in favor of the well being of the other.  In Christ, the love God and neighbor is the program of salvation.

One monkey removes the lice of another monkey.  (Mongo)

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