Sunday, August 27, 2023

Parable and Conscience Meditation August 27

Chastity  August 27

Living chastely in this way is a source of human happiness (Const. 11.2).

By fidelity to chastity, the confrere lives a Gospel love that embraces the whole world as did Christ.  It is a grace that humanizes the confreres, the religious community, the Church to which they belong and everyone around.  Chastity is a grace that responds to the most profound desire of the human family, the desire to live as brothers and sisters, everyone committed to the well being of all.  Human happiness is rooted in the realization of such a vision.  It is in favor of such humanization that chastity models the redeemed human community and critiques egotism in human relationships.  Chastity calls to an unselfish, universal love and to compassionate solidarity.  This way of witnessing is striking because religious renounce exclusive sexual intimacy in order to open out to everyone equally.  There are people who criticize the vow of chastity as an unworthy way to live life, even destructive of the human person.  But the criticism is short-sighted.  True human happiness surpasses personal happiness and even the organization of life in the limited space of one’s own family.  The human person is a citizen of the world.  By living chastity well, religious become examples of behavior befitting the dignity of a member of the great human family.  Chastity gives the world a glimpse of what humanity is becoming in Christ.  It shows the way to happiness.

Whoever wants to eat honey must approach the beehive.  (Luba)

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