Thursday, August 24, 2023

Parable and Conscience Meditation August 24

Chastity  August 24

The vow of chastity makes us fertile for the triumph of the Reign of God (Introduction Congolese Regional Statues 1.25).

What makes a field fertile?  It is the good texture of the earth, without sand, clay or such things.  It is the composition of the soil, full of nutritive chemicals.  It is the presence of worms and ants that aerate it.  It is the compost, often from the refuse of the garden, which enriches it.  It is the sun which germinates the seed and the rain that refreshes it.  The fertile field can serve as a metaphor for the fecundity of the celibate.  The confrere can be a fertile field if the texture of his person is the fruit of good family and social ties—if he is well socialized.  The religious can be fertile if the composition of his personality includes healthy and balanced elements—if his psychology is normal.  He can be fertile if his heart is constantly opened through fraternal interaction in the community—if he is accustomed to sharing and compassion.  The confrere can be fertile is he allows his experiences of the Cross to fertilize his life—if he fruitfully integrates his human vulnerability into the project of his life.  Finally, the confrere can be fertile if he welcomes the warmth and refreshment of his contemplation of Christ—if he lives in intimacy with the Source of his strengths.  The fertile field produces abundantly to nourish its master.  The fertile celibate gives birth to the superabundant life of the Kingdom of God in order to bring the world to its fullness.

This corn stalk lies down:  it surrenders its ear.  (Kivu)

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