Saturday, August 12, 2023

Parable and Conscience Meditation August 12

Chastity  August 12

. . . we must continually take care that . . .  each brother . . . grow(s) to maturity and personal fulfillment . . .  supported and encouraged by those human relationships which constitute the joy and gladness of our existence (Const. 11. 2).

“To be with” is the basis of truly human existence in Africa.  The person consecrated to Gospel chastity is not excluded from participation in a variety of human relationships, except one founded on sexual commitment.  Men and women of all sorts fill the life of the religious.  The consecrated person stays in contact with family, whose love is irreplaceable.  He rejoices in simple acquaintances with whom he shares one or some small human happiness.  He appreciates the colleagues with whom he collaborates regularly, knowing the satisfaction of accomplishing something good together for his brothers and sisters.  He does well with his comrades with whom he passionately shares cherished values and who struggle for just causes.  He knows the joy of life in friendship, participating in mutual interests which attract persons to one another.  He knows the happiness that comes from community life where he is in profound relationship with his confreres.  It is with them that he really lives the sense of being human and a consecrated Christian.  Chastity never refuses him these experiences “to be with.”  On the contrary, it supports them.
If someone is with you, be with him.  (Bamileke)

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