Saturday, August 26, 2023

Parable and Conscience Meditation August 26

Chastity  August 26

So when you are together in church and anywhere else where women are present, exercise a mutual care over purity of life (Rule of St. Augustine 24).

It is almost impossible to avoid contact with the opposite sex.  What’s more, to behave in such a manner is a betrayal of the celibate vocation, which excludes no one from universal love.  In this, challenges are never lacking.  The Church offers various resources to guide interaction and protect integrity.  Certainly, in the Sacrament of Reconciliation, one makes a review of all personal relationships.  There are also the regular times of spiritual direction.  Community sharing can be an effective support.  A person can also seek the help of a psychologist for a problem that surpasses the competence of other helpers.  Finally, there is the confrere-confidant, a good friend in whom to confide without fear.  What a grace to have found such a soul-friend.  Certainly, it can't be just anybody.  Certain qualities merit confidence:  the ability to listen with empathy, a balanced and experienced judgment, faithfulness to personal commitment, a sense of humor, a keeper of secrets.  We hesitate to talk to others for support and counsel about delicate, even taboo, subjects.  But the confrere-confidant is often the most available and effective aid to maintain a joyful and fruitful celibate life.   That everyone should find such a treasure!

If you have to cross a river passing under a tree, do it with the help of a stick.  (Basengele)

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